“Being a presenter and media interviewee on scientific/medical topics, Jo Filshie Browning’s book rang many bells for me, while providing fresh insights and practical advice. Presentation strategies here are both ancient (Aristotle’s ethospathoslogos) and very modern, in this age of virtual webinars and conferences, social media echo chambers, ultra-short attention spans, science denialism and fake news. For me the top ‘take-home’ message was ‘prepare, prepare’ supremely for the questions after a presentation! Browning uses the classic 1995 “Pill-scare” to exemplify how better media planning might have reduced unintended conceptions generated by scary headlines, about doubled relative risk of thrombosis, rather than the equally valid absolute risk increasing from 1:7000 to 2:7000. This great read will minimise similar ‘lost in translation’ scenarios between science fact and public understanding.”